Sandviken GVX11- Tuna Data Centre- Microsoft

In 2020 Pod-Trak moved into further the M and E market and mainland Europe completing its first Data centre project in Sandviken, Sweden for Winthrop and Microsoft. Following this we have completed projects in Dublin for Edge Connex and Winthrop- completing the full LV submain installation in Dub 3.0- MV works, sub-station control cable packages and Telecoms data basket installation works.

In addition, we have been involved in the installation of Gas Generator farms for these projects, diverting MV feeds, terminating and testing new installation to provide auxiliary power supplies for the data centres.

We have now created a separate data centre division to expand on these works and have recently secured a second major data centre project in Brussels, Belgium. The business continues to expand with exciting growth potential.

Waterloo Network Rail Interface Works

Pod-Trak were engaged by ISG (and then Designer Group) to manage the rail interface for all retail development works at Waterloo Station. The scope was to manage and complete any works that encroach within the rail environment- platforms, rail access areas and track works related to the multi-million pound retail development being managed by LCR.

In late 2019 – Pod-Trak were approached by ISG to look at works within the multi- million pound retail development at Waterloo station. ISG and Designer Group both have extensive experience in the retail development works but limited experience of the Network Rail environment.

Pod-Trak were engaged to manage and deliver all works that affected rail systems, access and affected track or platform environments- we were engaged to act as the rail PC in all elements affecting rail for the project. This included providing full rail compliant designs for scaffolding, hoarding, flue and chiller installation works- providing CRE cover for the entire project.

The projects had some complex works on platform 11 and 12 and 19 to install new flues to the full height of waterloo station (platform 11 and 12) and install new chillers for the underground retail
development on platform 19. Pod-Trak undertook the full rail design process and management for all works including temporary works, hoarding, scaffold and provided plant support for on-track works.

Our management team undertook to deal with Network Rail, possession management, interface with the station maintainers and Asset Protection (ASPRO). The project has significant challenges due to the vast number of stakeholders- a detailed design and access plan for all works was produced and Pod-Trak managed all the stakeholders.

Part of the access plans were detailed ped flow surveys to mitigate issues with pedestrian access and restrictions with Covid-19. Pod-Trak also arranged specialist crane deliveries of all the bespoke plant – installing chillers and flues and are due to carry out complex works on the station canopy glass roof to facilitate access for the flue install and large crane supply for the installation and removal of chillers.

Feltham Depot Mainline – Rail Telecoms

As part of the construction of a new rail depot for First MTR a telecoms scope including diversion of the existing systems and installation of new rail telecoms assets was awarded to Pod-Trak for completion alongside our existing Civil Engineering scope within the depot.

The works involved diverting legacy copper and fibre FTN network to allow for the entrance to the new depot from mainline to be constructed. Pod-Trak provided the CRE to oversee all works that
involved the installation of new coper and fibre cable to facilitate the diversion of all services.

Six new XCNR cross connect cabinets were built to create new interconnection points for installation of new mainline services to within the depot and a number of new Signal post telephones. The project also involved the diversion of the fibre FTN Networks in the area as well as diverting additional fibre optic cables linked to level crossing CCTV along the route to Waterloo. The works were successfully delivered by Pod-Trak without any disruption to train services while adhering to Government guidelines on social distancing and Covid-19.

The project was particularly challenging due to the poor legacy records which had to be checked, tested and verified as part of the project and due to the complex access issues along the route to
Waterloo to allow for testing and commissioning procedures – all challenges were overcome in time for vital depot p-way works to complete on schedule. The CRE negotiated all permissions and access agreements in what proved to be an extremely complex diversion scheme.

Heathrow Express – Framework

Heathrow Express is the fastest way to travel from Central London to Heathrow Airport. This framework improves the rail service connections, reliability and overall resilience for HEX passengers.

Heathrow Express – Project Deliverables

As Principle Contractor for HAL, Pod-Trak works closely with numerous consultants in surveying, investigating, scoping and designing asset improvement works for HEX. The areas include basement levels B1 to B5, terminal transfer tunnel, service tunnels and Heathrow Express Tunnels.

Design & Construction

  • Intrusive surveys & scoping proposals
  • Portal maintenance
  • OLE Maintenance
  • Minor Civils
  • Re railing / renewals
  • MEP Packages & Communications
  • Construction of Car Parks
  • Drainage
  • TTS Concrete & Water Ingress Works
  • Paddington HEX Gate Line Construction
  • T5 Barrier Works
  • Tunnel Re Wiring (OLE)
  • Balise Bases
  • Bonding Works Pantabot and T5
  • NR Re Railing & Concrete Breakout

Challenges and Solutions

All of this work goes on almost invisibly to the millions of passengers that pass through Heathrow every year. It is our goal to ensure that the passenger experience at Heathrow is world-class. Pod-Trak teams undertake rigorous training and ambassador training to ensure Heathrow’s goals are met. We identified several key logistical constraints at Heathrow, most of which we avoided by attaining Airside Passes, Airside Drivers Competency and Landside competency.

Heathrow PIDs and CCTV

As part of the passenger information display and security system network upgrades, Pod-Trak were engaged to undertake multidiscipline works throughout all areas of Heathrow Airport on behalf of Firstco.

We’ve been renowned for our works on communications systems – adapting them to the needs of the client, rather than taking an ‘out of the box’ solution. It is through this process that Pod-Trak is able to provide a solution which maximises working efficiency and capability for the client.

The works included the upgrade of existing infrastructure including fire alarm systems, the installation of new passenger information displays & new CCTV cameras. In addition to the construction scope, Pod-Trak also supplied all Safe Systems of Work and safety critical resource when working in the rail environment for ourselves and all other contractors engaged on the project.

The following scope was undertaken as part of the project:

  • Installation, termination & testing of new fibre back bone
  • Installation, termination & testing of new structured cabling network for CCTV and Information displays
  • Installation of new cabinets and power supply
  • Installation of new CCTV cameras and passenger Information displays
  • New PA/VA system installation
  • Project management support
  • SSOWs and safety critical staff

All works were undertaken by our skilled teams with minimal disruption to Heathrow Airport and the passengers that use the Airport on a daily basis.

Our multidisciplinary capability was key to the successful delivery of the works.

Paddington – Heathrow Airport Gateline

Due to the interface between Crossrail, Heathrow Express and Heathrow Airport the ticketing system and the infrastructure used to support it needed to be updated to better connect Heathrow Airport Terminals to London Paddington and the wider network.

Creating smoother journeys between modes of transport is the key to taking cars off the road and encouraging everyone to using public transport and help the environment. Pod-Trak is proud to play its part in this through the projects completed.

The new system would enable increases in capacity where passenger numbers had grown over the last few years.

New Automated Ticket Gates (ATGs) and associated Ticket Vending Machines (TVMs) were required to serve the increased number of Oyster Card / Contactless Card users who pass through the stations on a daily basis.

The aim was to improve customer satisfaction and provide a smooth journey through the station.

The works involved all the necessary infrastructure required to serve the new ATGs and TVMs and covered a number of disciplines. Our experience in both the airport and rail sector has helped to make this project a success.

In addition to the direct installation of new equipment and removal of redundant equipment, the new system had to be connected to the communications network at London Paddington Station.

All works were undertaken by our skilled teams with minimal disruption to Heathrow Airport, London Paddington and the passengers that use the infrastructure on a daily basis.

Heathrow Airport – Crowd Barriers

Engaged during the design process Pod-Trak assisted the designer in obtaining existing service layouts, aided in constructibility reviews of the design, undertook integrated design and fabrication meetings and self-delivered the installation of the crowd control barriers.

The barriers were fabricated in stainless steel and were positioned in front of the existing barriers but stood approximately 600mm higher to assist in obscuring passenger sight of the escalators and encouraging them to use the lifts.

Once positioned, the barriers were bolted into their final position. Early indication from Heathrow Airport suggest that the barriers are having the desired effect.