Waterloo Network Rail Interface Works

Pod-Trak were engaged by ISG (and then Designer Group) to manage the rail interface for all retail development works at Waterloo Station. The scope was to manage and complete any works that encroach within the rail environment- platforms, rail access areas and track works related to the multi-million pound retail development being managed by LCR.

In late 2019 – Pod-Trak were approached by ISG to look at works within the multi- million pound retail development at Waterloo station. ISG and Designer Group both have extensive experience in the retail development works but limited experience of the Network Rail environment.

Pod-Trak were engaged to manage and deliver all works that affected rail systems, access and affected track or platform environments- we were engaged to act as the rail PC in all elements affecting rail for the project. This included providing full rail compliant designs for scaffolding, hoarding, flue and chiller installation works- providing CRE cover for the entire project.

The projects had some complex works on platform 11 and 12 and 19 to install new flues to the full height of waterloo station (platform 11 and 12) and install new chillers for the underground retail
development on platform 19. Pod-Trak undertook the full rail design process and management for all works including temporary works, hoarding, scaffold and provided plant support for on-track works.

Our management team undertook to deal with Network Rail, possession management, interface with the station maintainers and Asset Protection (ASPRO). The project has significant challenges due to the vast number of stakeholders- a detailed design and access plan for all works was produced and Pod-Trak managed all the stakeholders.

Part of the access plans were detailed ped flow surveys to mitigate issues with pedestrian access and restrictions with Covid-19. Pod-Trak also arranged specialist crane deliveries of all the bespoke plant – installing chillers and flues and are due to carry out complex works on the station canopy glass roof to facilitate access for the flue install and large crane supply for the installation and removal of chillers.