New Cross Gate LOCIP Depot

The scope of this project included minor civils, P-Way, ETE (third rail) and OLE to enable re-modelling of the existing depot layout including the supply of safety critical staff for the project.

Civil Engineering
Driver walkways, OLE bases, cable management routes & temporary hop-ups.

Permanent Way
Relocation of buffer stops and stripping out existing track to allow service diversions. Extension of the wheel lathe and heavy cleaning building, including installation of a new bogey turntable.

The scope also included the installation of 28nr IBJs to accommodate the signalling upgrade and a new CV40 turnout. Slab track was installed within the maintenance shed and outside.

To facilitate the Permanent Way and Civils scope, modifications were required to both the OLE and Third Rail including the movement of conductor rail for walkway installation and extension of the OLE to the carriage wash road and headshunt.

Felixstowe Capacity Enhancement

The Felixstowe Capacity Enhancement was delivered to provide extra freight capacity and resilience to the single line section of track between Trimley & Gunn Lane.

Pod-Trak delivered a multidiscipline scope of Earthworks, Civil Engineering, Permanent Way and Communications to assist the client with the interface between packages. The scope of each package included:

Civil Engineering

  • Reduced Level dig and installation of 1.1km of a Primary type 1 formation.
  • Removal and reinstatement of soft spots providing CBR, DIN and materials testing at 50- meter intervals.
  • 400m embankment widening up to a height of 3m
  • 4 x Utility UTXs
  • Culvert strengthening works
  • Foundations (30T Pre-cast units requiring significant temporary works) for the new equestrian bridge
  • Driver walkways
  • Site Wide Landscaping.

Permanent Way

  • 1.5km of new ballast and track, installed during possession.
  • 3 x new S&C Layouts
  • Cable Management Sleepers
  • Lubricators


  • Installation in trough / ductwork & testing of 6.5km Copper Cable
  • Installation on surface, anchoring & testing of 25km Fibre Disc Cable


  • Reduced Level dig, loaded onto trains
  • Installation & compaction of 1.1km of a Primary type 1 formation, loaded onto trains
  • Removal and reinstatement of soft spots providing CBR, DIN and materials testing

Barking Riverside Extension

The Barking Riverside Extension extends the existing London Overground to 10,800 new homes and facilities such as a new school and healthcare.

The multidiscipline scope covers three key areas:

  • A 4.5km extension to Barking Riverside, from the Tilbury Loop Line between Barking and Dagenham Dock stations to Barking Riverside;
  • Reconfiguration of Network Rail’s Ripple Lane goods yard to allow the extension to connect to the Tilbury Loop;
  • Continuation of the rail system over a new 1.5km viaduct into the heart of Barking Riverside;

Permanent Way
The high-level scope of the Permanent Way works:

  • Creating a new up a Tilbury Loop and up & down Barking Riverside lines
  • Installation of new double track spur line on the viaduct (slab track circa 1.5km)
  • Installation of new ballasted track
  • Transition section between ballast and slab track
  • Installation of new crossovers
  • Track lubrication and buffer stops
  • Stressing
  • Installation of chainage plates, gradient signs and datum plates

The high-level OLE and Traction scope:

  • Electrification of the Up & Down Barking Riverside Extension
  • Installation of new series 2 OLE structures and catenary along with RC & EW along the route
  • Modifications / replacement to the existing infrastructure
  • Upgrade to West Ham & Barking Feeder Stations
  • New Neutral sections
  • Testing and Commissioning of new Overhead Line Equipment
  • Piling / Foundations

West Anglia Mainline (WAML)

The West Anglia Mainline works involved the construction of a new line between Lea Bridge & the new Meridian Water station to feed a significant new housing development at Meridian Water.

Pod-Trak undertook a significant multidiscipline package covering Civil Engineering, Permanent Way and OLE. This brought key advantages to the client to manage the interface between disciplines.

Civil Engineering

  • Reduced Level dig and installation of 6 kms of a Primary type 1 formation.
  • Removal and reinstatement of soft spots providing CBR, DIN and materials testing at 50 meter intervals.
  • Installation of perforated and carrier track drainage systems and deep surface water drainage systems.
  • Construction of a 330m reinforced earthwork noise attenuation bund
  • Civils & Structures (Bridges 666, 1391 & 1393)
  • 1 Drainage and 5 Utility UTXs.
  • Culvert strengthening & scour protection works
  • 750 meters of Elevated and Concrete trough works
  • Site Wide Landscaping.
  • Bridge foundation pile cropping to 1100mm CFA piles
  • Bridge sub structure excavation & reinforced concrete works
  • Crane & piling mat construction and removal
  • New deck installation complete with bearings.
  • FRC works to bridge decks.
  • Bridge deck drainage.

Permanent Way

  • 6km of new ballast and track, installed during passion with Kirow & within lose lay in High Street environment.
  • New S&C Layout at Lea Bridge
  • Slab Trak
  • Cable Management Sleepers
  • Buffers, RRAPs & Lubricators
  • Guard Rails


  • 6km of new series 2 OLE system
  • 140 new structures inc piling, UC, DC, TTC, SSA & Portals
  • Feeding reconfigurations at Copper Mill
  • Booster transformer & switch installations
  • Traction Ve+ & Ve- bonding