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West Anglia Mainline (WAML)

Railway Electrification Civil Engineering Earthworks

NOVEMBER 2017 – MARCH 2019



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Key Information

6km extension between Lea Bridge and New Meridian Water station

Completed over 17 months

Completed in a busy area - Lea Valley, London

The West Anglia Mainline works involved the construction of a new line between Lea Bridge & the new Meridian Water station to feed a significant new housing development at Meridian Water.

Pod-Trak undertook a significant multidiscipline package covering Civil Engineering, Permanent Way and OLE. This brought key advantages to the client to manage the interface between disciplines.

Civil Engineering

  • Reduced Level dig and installation of 6 kms of a Primary type 1 formation.
  • Removal and reinstatement of soft spots providing CBR, DIN and materials testing at 50 meter intervals.
  • Installation of perforated and carrier track drainage systems and deep surface water drainage systems.
  • Construction of a 330m reinforced earthwork noise attenuation bund
  • Civils & Structures (Bridges 666, 1391 & 1393)
  • 1 Drainage and 5 Utility UTXs.
  • Culvert strengthening & scour protection works
  • 750 meters of Elevated and Concrete trough works
  • Site Wide Landscaping.
  • Bridge foundation pile cropping to 1100mm CFA piles
  • Bridge sub structure excavation & reinforced concrete works
  • Crane & piling mat construction and removal
  • New deck installation complete with bearings.
  • FRC works to bridge decks.
  • Bridge deck drainage.

Permanent Way

  • 6km of new ballast and track, installed during passion with Kirow & within lose lay in High Street environment.
  • New S&C Layout at Lea Bridge
  • Slab Trak
  • Cable Management Sleepers
  • Buffers, RRAPs & Lubricators
  • Guard Rails


  • 6km of new series 2 OLE system
  • 140 new structures inc piling, UC, DC, TTC, SSA & Portals
  • Feeding reconfigurations at Copper Mill
  • Booster transformer & switch installations
  • Traction Ve+ & Ve- bonding

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