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Overhead Line Equipment – Manchester Metrolink Phase 3

Manchester Metrolink - Overhead line equipment

November 2010 - July 2014



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Pod-Trak was contracted by Brecknell Willis & Co to install all of the overhead line equipment (OLE) including Traction Power on the Phase 3 extensions to the Manchester Metrolink.

This links the City Centre to Manchester Airport, Didsbury, Ashton, Media City, Oldham, Rochdale and the new tram depot at Trafford.

Works included tying the new overhead line equipment into the existing phase 1 and 2 lines over a series of disruptive possessions, and the construction of new overhead line equipment over the new track bed.

The Tramway OLE was varied in its construction, ranging from autotensioned traditional catenary systems over segregated areas, to fixed termination trolley wire systems within the public areas. The
extensions included many complex overhead line equipments layouts over road junctions and pedestrianised areas. The overhead line works were the largest ever undertaken in a UK light rail environment, so our extensive experience in this line of work was very important in providing innovative solutions to some of the more complex issues.

This project was part of a long-standing relationship with Manchester Metrolink, where we have completed many varying projects successfully in the past.

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