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North West Electrification Programme (NWEP) Switching Access

Civil Engineering

JUL 2018 – DEC 2018



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Key Information

Walkways, steps, stairs and handrails

A lot of hand digging on embankments unsuitable for machines

Longer working hours to meet tight timescales

To provide safe access to overhead line switching structures, Pod-Trak was contracted to install access stairs and walkways at various locations on North West Electrification Programme (NWEP) Phases 3 and 4.

As with any electrification project, safety is of paramount importance and creating a design which enabled safety while minimising any disruption during or after the works were completed were essential.

As the entire electrification project was new build, there was no existing access to any of the proposed new switching structures, so we were able to design a new access system from scratch.

The design included a series of walkways, steps, stairs and handrails.

The works were carried out on days and involved a lot of hand digging on embankments where it was unsuitable for machines.

This was a significant challenge that our team managed to overcome while sticking the timescales.

With tight timescales pre-commissioning, the works were planned for days to make use of longer working hours and improved conditions – while minimising any disruption to services as part of this programme.

Material load out took place on Saturday nights using on track plant to distribute materials to each location.

Excess spoil was then removed from site or spread locally dependant on location.

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