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West Anglia Main Line (WAML) – Bridge Structures

Civil Engineering

August 2017 - July 2018


Lea Valley, London

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At four locations on the new line new bridges were identified as being required. The preparation works and installation at each location was delivered by Pod-Trak in advance of our Permanent Way Scope.

Core works included:
• Bridge foundation pile cropping to 1100mm dia piles.
• Sub structure excavation.
• Reinforced concrete pours.
• Crane & piling mat installation and removal.
• New deck installation complete with bearings.
• FRC works to bridge deck.
• Bridge deck drainage.
• Working from temporary pontoons over water.

Bridge Structure 666
The existing redundant bridge was demolished and removed from site. New pile caps were built which tied into bearing slabs north and south. The new bridge structure was then installed using a crane and finished off by pouring a track slab to tie it all together.

Bridge Structure 1391 & 1391S
While the onsite team were constructing the bearing plinths and carrying out remedial works to the existing bearing shelf which included extending the northern plinth, another team was working in the compound at Copper Mill Lane to precast the concrete structures.

Bridge Structure 1393
At 1393 works were carried out to crop the 1100mm dia piles, construct reinforced concrete bearing slabs, bearing shelfs and bearing plinths. The prefabricated deck was lifted into place which allowed the deck slab to be poured along with access stairs north and south. Almost 1000m3 of concrete was poured over the course of the construction works.

This package of works formed part of our overall multidiscipline scope covering Civil Engineering, Permanent Way and Electrification.

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