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Felixstowe Branch Capacity Enhancement – New Bridge

Felixstowe Branch
Civil Engineering

NOVEMBER 2018 – JUNE 2019



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Key Information

Assisted with the construction of a new bridge

Allowed Network Rail to close six pedestrian level crossings in the area

Footpaths, drainage, landscaping, grouting and all ancillary works

Safety around the railways is everyone’s biggest priority, so Pod-Trak was tasked to improve safety along the line as part of the Felixstowe Branch Capacity Enhancement project.

Pod-Trak assisted with the construction of the new bridge on the site of the existing Gun Lane level crossing. The purpose of this was to provide an alternative safe route across the railway for walkers, horse riders and cyclists to access the countryside.

The bridge was designed taking into consideration the impact it would have on the environment and its visual appearance in the countryside. This also allowed Network Rail to permanently close six pedestrian level crossings in the Felixstowe Branch area, including Gun Lane, to improve public safety.

Our involvement in this project
Pod-Trak were tasked with the installation of 30 no. bridge foundations, both in situ and precast. The precast foundations ranged from 22 to 35t in weight and could only be installed from one side of the embankment.

Work also included the construction of:

  • Footpaths
  • Drainage
  • Landscaping
  • Grouting
  • Bridge ancillary works

The ancillary works associated with the Bridleway Bridge were completed following the installation of the bridge.

Providing the right solution
Due to the location of the works adjacent to the live loop line each base required a temporary coffer dam installed during possessions. This created programme challenges due to the amount of work required to be carried out during each possession but our experience in completing this helped to ensure it was done safely while not impacting project timings.

2 no. Movax were used, working simultaneously on both sides of the embankment installing sheet piles in order to release midweek works and to ensure all milestones were achieved.

The Project team successfully value engineered the installation of the 28 precast foundations by re-sequencing the lift planning and utilising a 750t crane over three possessions instead of a 500t crane over four possessions.

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