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Sussex 7-Day Railway Hookswitch Replacement Project

13 months


South Coast to Greater London

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Pod-Trak was contracted to supply, install and commission all the ETE within and beyond the project footprint.

Purley is a very busy outer London hub linking Brighton and the South Coast to London. The Renewals were one of the largest undertaken in the south with such short delivery timescales.

17-point ends and extensive plain line renewals were installed and commissioned within a 10-day Christmas / New Year Blockade. All ETE Materials, Tooling, Plant and Labour was supplied by

Within a 10 day blockade the Pod-Trak ETE teams delivered all ETE associated to the project. This included installation of all the Rehau conductor rail insulator pots and fixings, new and recovered conductor rail (which included MMA7 Manual Arc Welding), 1000sqmm Al DC Positive cabling, 800sqmm Al reinforcing Negative cabling, S&C small negative bonding (240sqmm Ali), 7 No Track Disconnector (TD) units, timber protection (guard) boarding and Rehau Plastic shrouding.

The works required in-depth planning and multi discipline integration for delivery. Working closely with the S&T, P Way and Thermit welding teams was key to project completion.

The Final core works following conductor rail welding was to manually form each high and low speed conductor rail ramp ends. This was undertaken on-site at location using the hydraulic rail
bender (Ramper). Following core works, ITP completion and verification the site was Live section proved by Pod-Trak.

All above works were installed to programme, design specification and budget.

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