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Ringsend MLPS

September 2018 - February 2021



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The overall scope of the project was to replace 6 existing pumps with 6 no. 630kw Variable speed pumps- selected to achieve optimum performance and energy efficiency.

Pod-Trak was engaged by SSE to replace 2 10/20kv – 3.3kv transformers and 2 3.3kv – 400v transformers. The overall clients are EPS and Irish Water – with our scope to upgrade all MV and LV requirements. This included the installation of new MV NX Air Siemens Switchgear, all the associated Controls and Instrumentation and upgrade of all the associated LV systems including full SCADA
control systems for the VSD modules and all the associated monitoring and sensor systems for gas monitoring and pump related equipment.

The works were undertaken in a staged managed process to ensure continuous operation of the lift pumping station at all times. The project involves integrated planning with SSE, EPS and Irish Water
to ensure continuous operation and dates are met along the way. Pump one successfully went into operation in early 2020 followed by pump two in June 2020.

The electrical works were delivered by our Group Company A&M Electricals. The project also involved planned crane lifts for the new and old transformer moves and a series of core drilling
visits to create new routing for MV/LV and control cabling routes.

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