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North West Electrification Programme (NWEP) ATF Routeworks

Civil Engineering

MAY 2017 – NOV 2018



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Key Information

15km of cable containment

Materials delivered to site by RRV, but in some cases loaded out by hand

Majority completed during short night-time possessions

Pod-Trak was contracted to install 15km of cable containment throughout the North West Electrification Phase 4 project.

Initially the works were being delivered for Carillion who subsequently went into administration in January 2018. The project was stood down for a period of time and remaining scope delivered for Murphy.

The scope of works included raised GRP troughing, wall mounted tunnel & bridge containment and TTS ground laid route. All materials were free issue but called off, managed and distributed by Pod-Trak.

Most of the materials were delivered to site by RRV but in some instances this was not possible due to the volume of plant movements across the project. As such materials were loaded out by hand using track trolleys and additional manpower.

The majority of the scope was completed during short nighttime possessions which required a lot of planning and integration. This detailed planning of multiple teams was key to the delivery to meet programme dates for cable installation.

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