Heathrow GSM-R & Fibre

The project scope was to undertake the installation of a new GSM-R train communications cable and fibre cable to support the fibre network through the Heathrow tunnel fixed to the soffit of the tunnel lining.

Limited access and one way in / out made the project very challenging from a planning point of view. With no more than 2.5hrs access each night every single minute counted from accessing at the
portal, travelling further into the tunnel each night and travelling back to the portal when works were complete. As the works got closer to the airport end, we were able to off track the Mewps within the tunnel and stable at a safe distance from the track.

All fixings were marked out, drilled and pull tested using road rail Mewps and the cables were installed using a combination of SRS rail mounted lorries and road rail excavator cranes. All plant had to be fitted with exhaust filters to reduce the emissions while working in the confines of a tunnel. This system provided a more comfortable and safe working environment for the staff without the need for fans and extraction units.

Following the installation of the cables and jointing/splicing activities they were tested with a 100% success rate. A key factor in the success of the project was meticulous planning on a daily basis and good communication with the client, Heathrow Express and the maintainer to manage the interface and ensure planned works could be completed.

The project was successfully handed back without any over running possessions which meant the Heathrow Express ran seamlessly every day despite the works ongoing each night.

Centerparcs Fibre and Data Installation

The project was a design and build project to deliver a full data and telecommunications network throughout the park as part of a fibre and data installation.

Pod-Trak undertook the full design and build project with supply partners Belden on behalf of SSE. The main fibre network was a passive optical network (PON) supported by a stand-alone copper telephone network. The park was controlled by 2 Main Equipment rooms (MER) and 12 Secondary Equipment rooms (SER)- 82 roadside cabinets and a duct network of over 100km.

Originally a 450 acre forest- the park was formed and carved out of the existing Landscape to form a 470 lodge and 30 apartment facility. The park centrepiece is a state of the art central village with many amenities and attractions – supported by a network of forest activity centres. The new park forms a central part of the Irish Tourism offering for Europe and further afield and to date has been booked out to capacity.

Pod-Trak also installed over 180,000 m of fibre and copper to build the network. Each lodge had an individual FTTH (Fibre to the home feed) and specified lodges had separate copper feeds for back
up telephony systems. There was also a network of retro An Post telephone boxes installed throughout the park. The network was installed in 2 phases pre-Christmas 2018 and post-Christmas 2018, finishing off with the delivery of the central village equipment rooms and data installation.

In addition to this Pod-Trak undertook a full data installation of the Wastewater Treatment Plant- new UPS power supply and commission duties, CCTV and barrier installation works throughout the park. The MER and SER rooms were fitted out by Pod-Trak to support the park communications network as well. At project end- Pod-Trak have been awarded the MV Maintenance project to maintain the MV Power network supporting the park- so our involvement continues with the Centerparcs team!