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Pod-Trak using technology to show ‘App’etite for safety

Pod-Trak team briefing

Pod-Trak using technology to show ‘App’etite for safety

The MD and founder of engineering specialists Pod-Trak says the launch of the new App management system is transforming the way it operates for the better.

The company, that work in some high-risk locations providing innovative approaches to the construction and maintenance of transport infrastructure, is building ‘The Pod’ into its management systems.

It simplifies and streamlines the reporting process so that the teams on the ground can get information and report close and good calls from their handhelds.

Any staff members can fill in the basic details and input a description of the good call, incident or hazard, with the option to also add a photograph.

Once the information has been submitted, the report is sent to a central point and the HSQE team is notified.

MD Paul O’Donnell said: “The safety of both our staff and clients is of great importance not just now, but at any time of the year. As an organisation we are always looking to improve our working practices and technology has a big role to play in that.

“The Pod App is a simple system, but one which allows our staff to send information straight back into close and also good calls. The use of the technology in this way leads to instant communications and is a way of monitoring the team to check they are taking health and safety seriously.

“It is still in development but has been used by staff for about six months. It’s been a success with our team and our clients really like it as well.

“We are continuing to develop it and hopefully soon we will have everything to do with our sites in the one place – that is the plan with it.”