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Pod-Trak celebrates completion of significant project to benefit nearly 11,000 homes

Pod-Trak celebrates completion of significant project to benefit nearly 11,000 homes

Infrastructure and engineering solutions provider Pod-Trak is celebrating its significant role in a major rail project set to open imminently.

A 4.5km extension to the existing London Overground network will support 10,800 homes in the Barking Riverside development in East London, which also includes a new school and healthcare facilities.

Pod-Trak’s Permanent Way and Overhead Line Electrification (OLE) works on this line will significantly improve the access to the City for the residents of the new development, and support growth in the community which was restricted by public transport links in the past.

Pod-Trak’s involvement in the project, led by MSJV Rail Systems, extends back to March 2019, and included a wide scope of activity, including the creation of a new Tilbury loop and up and down Barking Riverside lines to support the level of traffic required. Despite the challenges caused by the pandemic, the multi-disciplinary nature of the teams involved and the successful integration of both Permanent Way and OLE disciplines together, it was able to be completed diligently and cost-effectively.

From an electrification perspective, Pod-Trak was involved in the full electrification of the lines and installation of structures along the route, as well as upgrading existing stations along the line.

Paul O’Donnell, Managing Director of Pod-Trak, said: “We are absolutely delighted to have completed significant works that will ultimately benefit tens of thousands of people and unlock the potential of a new region in East London.

“This was a very thorough project, which despite the challenges and delays caused by the global pandemic, was finished to an excellent standard by everyone involved. We are proud to have worked closely with the MSJV Rail Systems team delivering this project and to have received commendations from project managers throughout the process, which talk about our positive attitude and leading by example to ensure smooth delivery of the programme schedule.

“We instil this way of working into our colleagues through the PALS behavioural programme, in which we work to plan effectively; demonstrate the right attitudes; lead by example; and communicate and share information to get the job done to the high standards we expect of ourselves.”

Pod-Trak’s plant division also supported with the delivery of this project – with skilled controllers integrated into the teams to allow for the smooth running of the project. With only two road to rail access points throughout, the teams had to carefully plan its access usage to reduce congestion and optimise working times during possessions.

Simon Talman, Pod-Trak’s project manager for the Barking Riverside project, said: “The Barking Riverside project faced a huge number of challenges, including facing a global pandemic and operating in a high-density area of London where a viaduct was required to be constructed.

“Integration meetings were critical for the success of this project; we had to maximise every opportunity with every possession so that we could stage processes to use the right disciplines at the right time.

“Ultimately, it is down to the strong partnerships and thorough communication within all programmes of work that led to the success of this project. Essentially, the integration and teamwork behind this project has ensured that this line can be open to serve the tens of thousands of people that will use it every day.”