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Increasing visibility into social distancing guidelines

Pod-Trak - social distancing

Increasing visibility into social distancing guidelines

Pod-Trak has introduced new high-visibility vests amongst its staff in a bid to keep them safe, adhere to social distancing guidelines and stop the spread of COVID-19.

The engineering specialists have developed the vests with a message highlighting the social distancing measures by Public Health England.

It’s as people are being told to stay at least two metres apart in a bid to stop the spread of the virus.

The high-vis jackets being worn by staff at Pod-Trak highlight that message, reminding workers to not get too close. All practices by the Pod-Trak team have been completed with social distancing in mind, where possible, including team briefings.

Managing Director and founder Paul O’Donnell said: “Like every industry, we find ourselves in a difficult situation with COVID-19 so this is just one of several measures we’ve taken to keep our staff safe.

“The idea is if something is visual it is a constant reminder that they have to change their mindset. It is human nature that the first thing you want to do it get up close to someone if you’re speaking to them or working with them.

“Having the message on the high-vis jacket will hopefully help to work as a reminder to keep everyone safe and change people’s mindsets.”