Doncaster Carr Approach

The works were carried out to electrically connect the newly constructed Doncaster Carr Depot to the East Coast Main Line. This work was essential in helping the depot operators as part of an extensive order book for new rolling stock in the UK. Along with new Overhead Line Equipment (OLE) construction, it included alterations to existing equipment.

Pod-Trak installed a total of ten in-site concrete foundations to support seven Overhead Line Equipment (OLE) structures and three anchors at the Doncaster Carr depot. Works continued with the installation of SPS, registration equipment and 250m of MKlllB 107mm2 contact and AWAC catenary.

The scope of the works also included the installation of a high-speed Arthur Flury section insulator and Morris Line 3 position switch.

Works were successfully completed by the team within a few months. The section was proved and handed back with all necessary handback documentation to the customer – with a transparent process throughout the works.

Ilford Crossrail Depot – OLE

Ilford Depot was enhanced to accommodate the servicing of new Crossrail trains and the existing Great Eastern rolling stock.

The works were implemented over five stages with the first three being enabling works for the main installation.

The first three stages made the rest of the depot an island with no rail or electrical connection, which allowed working throughout the week a safer environment for all.

The OLE scope of works included the installation of all the SPS and support components to circa 70 main steel structures and the running and terminating of various conductors to comply with the existing infrastructure. Pod-Trak also installed 8 lineside switches and 15 section insulators. The majority of the work was undertaken in a brownfield site, working in tight and complex conditions with numerous other disciplines working alongside. The Stage 4 works were the most complex, where a trolley wire system was used to fan a two line junction into twelve sidings and sheds.

There were also multiple traction return bonds, which were installed right first time by interacting with the Signalling and M&E teams. All works were carried out using Pod-Trak plant and POS without any accidents or incidents.

The project team worked very closely with the client, the designer and all other stakeholders to minimise disruption and achieve the end goal, which concluded with over 60 tests for the section proving.

Craigentinny Depot

The project required OLE modifications to facilitate the installation of a new train wash. Works included the installation of new structures, SPS, headspans, section insulators, wiring and registration.

Redundant OLE was stripped out and returned to the maintainer. Works were carefully planned with Spencer Group and other subcontractors on site to ensure safe delivery of the planned works.

Following completion of the installation and removal works the OLE testing and commissioning successfully took place and handback documentation was completed and returned.

Swansea Maliphant Intercity Express Depot (Hitachi)

Pod-Trak was contracted to supply and install all the OLE required to electrify the Hitachi-operated depot at Swansea. Works included the supply and installation of transfer plates, structures, SPS, headspans, switching and bonding.

The installation of the contact wire was omitted from the scope to reduce the risk of theft, as the depot will not go live until the Great Western Electrification reaches Swansea. Works also included the installation of structures along the NWR main line. With careful planning and communication between Pod-Trak, the client and Hitachi, the depot remained operational throughout the installation programme.

In 2018 Pod-Trak returned to site to remove the SPS as it is now unlikely that electrification will reach Swansea.

West Coast Main Line PSU

ATF works on the West Coast Mainline power supply upgrade (PSU) project utilising weekend possession/isolations in the North and midweek possession/isolations in the South.

Supply of OLEC staff and RRV MEWPs to support the works, including all transport required to move between the northern and southern sections of the project. Works included the installation of SPS, feeder wire, switching, assisting with the testing & commissioning and the removal of redundant equipment.

Beddington Lane & Wimbledon Platform 10

Pod-Trak was contracted by Cleshar Contract Services Ltd to install a new overhead line system between Mitcham junction and Beddington Lane.

The line was previously a single line which was being upgraded to a twin tracked system. At Wimbledon Station the existing platform was extended to allow two trams to be stabled on the platform, and a new second platform to be built with an extended line.

Pod-Trak’s scope of works at Beddington Lane included 21 piled foundations, 14 new OLE structures, four cantilevers, 12 twin-tack cantilevers, the removal of redundant structures, the transfer of existing OLE to new structures, the running of new OLE twin contact conductors and the registration works.

At Wimbledon Station the works included the removal of redundant OLE structures and wire, the installation of 7 new OLE structures, 200m of new twin contact, new switches and section prove the new lines.

This project was driven by a very tight programme to allow commissioning and handover of the new system. All works were planned and delivered within the timescales required, and were successfully handed over after meeting the client’s technical requirements.

North West Electrification (NWEP) Phase 2

Pod-Trak was approached by Balfour Beatty Rail in July 2014 to assist with the installation of new OLE on the Liverpool to Manchester and Liverpool to Wigan routes.

The series 2 equipment was supplied free issue by BBR and installed by Pod-Trak teams working on our RRV MEWPs. Core works included SPS installation, wiring and final registration.

Critical tie-ins to existing electrification at Edge Hill and the West Coast Mainline were all carried out by Pod-trak. All plant moves between sites were managed and carried out in-house.

Leighton Buzzard Station AFA

As part of the AFA (Access for All) modifications at Leighton Buzzard Station, a new walkway bridge over the West Coast Main Line was installed across four tracks to provide access to all platforms.

To facilitate these works, Pod-Trak were subcontracted to design, supply and install new foundations, structures, SPS, headspans, wire splicing and re-profiling of the OLE through the bridge.

All works were carried out during possession/ isolation periods and necessary arrangements were put in place to protect the public during foundation installation.

Sandy Station, Bedfordshire

The main contract works were carried out by Spencer Group to extend the platforms at Sandy Station in Bedfordshire on the East Coast Mainline.

Pod-Trak were subcontracted to carry out all the OLE works necessary to facilitate the platform extensions.

The existing masts on the up slow had to be removed and new masts installed one meter along the track. Both headspans had to be transferred to the new masts while retaining the existing heights and
staggers across all four lines.

All works were successfully completed and handed back on time. This was the first OLE project Pod-Trak carried out on Network Rail Infrastructure after many years on light rail projects.

Elmers End Loop – Croydon Tramlink

At Elmers End Loop on the Croydon Tramlink an existing siding was converted to a passing loop.

Pod-Trak undertook the OLE installation works which included new structures, SPS and wiring along with alterations to existing infrastructure.

Prior to any trams using the new line, all handover checks were completed including panning and height and stagger recordings. Finally, the new installation was tested and commissioned by Pod-Trak prior to entry into service.