Wessex S&C Renewals


Expertise: ETE/ETM
Value: £1.8m to date

From smaller renewals such as The Hatches, to a large and complicated renewal with several stages at Southampton, this project required an exemplary team to deliver successful installation of the Electric TrackEquipment (ETE) packages. Point Pleasant was a challenging project due to the large amount of DC feeder cables within the renewal works at each stage.

Pod-Trak’s work scope included the removal off all associated ETE with installation of new 150lb/74Kg conductor rail involving con rail modifications and installation (insulators, welding and gauging), new ramp ends, side ramps and facing entry ramps,DC single and doubled cabling, negative bonding, MkVII & VIII hookswitches, Ttrack disconnectors (TIS units) including supply of Safety-Critical staff (ES,ES Assistant, HV Comp, COSS, Strapping Teams). Dedicated resources managed to complete all works to a high standard despite shortened programme due to overrunning Permanent Way works on some of the key sites.


  • Project Duration : May 2013 - 2016 (Wessex) February 2014 - May 2014 (Southampton) July 2014 (Ascot) – February 2016 (Point Pleasant) to present
  • Categories : ETE/ETM
  • Client : Amey Colas & Colas Rail