Pod Business Parking


Expertise: Airport Division
Value: £101K

Pod-Trak worked with the client to develop a programme of works in line with a defined budget, from this the client could select specific areas to refurbish to enhance the passenger experience.

These works included:

• The installation of 150m of Isoclad hoarding.
• Installation of new anti slip, fire-rated decking to improve the overall footprint of the areas, but also provides a solid platform to enable passengers to exit  the area safely if the pod they were travelling in was to fail.
• Removal of all existing low level lighting & sheeting, simply improving the overall look & feel of the area.
• Cleaning & painting of all the ceiling areas in the area the passengers enter or leave the pod units.
• Installation of new power coated handrail.
The works are being undertaken with a defined programme of works in line with a phased installation strategy mitigating any operation impacts.

  • Project Duration : December 2016 - Present
  • Categories : Airport
  • Client : HAL