Network Rail High Output


Expertise: ETE/ETM
Value: £1.3m

Network Rails High Output are an extremely dedicated team where time is of the essence. Renewing up to 700m of track with the TRS and/or ballast cleaner machines in a 6 hour mid-week night possession. These works have been carried out all over Wessex including Winchester and Wool to Wareham. Pod-Trak’s work scope included prepping the sites (material delivery, upgrading sub-standard ETE cables and associated equipment prior to the renewals). The removal of all associated ETE prior to the TRS/BC working. Many of the sites ran through sub-station locations which meant numerous DC negative and Positive cables, hook switches and advance plates were associated to the disconnection and reconnections., Pod-Trak Ltd also supplied safety critical staff to assist delivery. Due to the limited timescales for completion earthing straps were omitted from the isolations and replaced with sub-station rack outs. Pod-Trak Ltd supplied all the Distribution Level “A” staff required to undertake this, up to 6 sub-stations in one possession had been required for Rack Out.

  • Project Duration : September 2015 to present
  • Categories : ETE/ETM
  • Client : Network Rail