Doosan DX270 Ultimate RRV Excavator


The RRV is a GOS rail-conversion of a Doosan road excavator with 1.9m boom, 3.65m artic and optional dippers as: 2.1m standard dipper, 5.5m long-reach dipper. The vehicle is approved to carry 2 persons seated in the drivers cab. It operates on rail in high-mode only. CCTV camera fitted to the rear. Fitted with GOS direct rail wheel braking (Type 9B). Gross vehicle weight is 30.3 tonnes. Fitted with external emergency brake control for use with GOS/Philmor Personnel Carrier attachments to GOS/Philmor Rail Trailers.

Maximum speeds travelling on rail not to exceed: 20mph plain line, 5mph switches and crossings, 1mph raised check/guard rails, 10mph working/towing/propelling, 5mph emergency recovery.

  • Categories : On Track Plant