DLR Signals & Communications Migration


Expertise: Communications
Value: £1.6m

The Fibre optic Installation, Testing, signaling and Communications migration of all operational signals and Communications systems to a new network. The resilient diverse signal and communications network was planned by the management company Serco. Pod-Trak undertook to install the fibre, terminate, splice and test within the strict timescales laid out by the DLR team and Serco.

The project ran to schedule and completed vital network infrastructure before the end of August 2012 in time to be implemented before the London 2012 Olympics. The remaining project was completed by September 2012.
Project Extension of Works – Pod-Trak were then engaged to install a secondary communications fibre optic network between the DLR Operational depots of Poplar and Beckton.

This project was called the C and D fibre project. It was begun and completed within a 16 week timescale in early 2014. Pod-Trak was subsequently requested to assist in the project management of the equipment migration to the new fibre network from the old. This involved migrating OTN 150, OTN 2500, CCTV, LAN and radio circuits on the communications fibre. On the signals network, it involved the migration of FID’s, PID’s, I-Sigs, SCADA circuits and Telecode 80 Monitoring systems. This involved detailed system migration planning including the management of test train planning to prove the migrated circuits over the Thales Seltrak system. Axel counter, ISIG, PID systems were all tested and commissioned prior and after migration of signal circuits.

  • Project Duration : March 12 - May 14
  • Categories : Communications
  • Client : Serco / DLR