Kent Conductor Rail Renewals and Insulator Pot Replacement


Expertise: ETE/ETM
Value: £1.1m to date

The scope was to complete all ETE works associated with the Kent Package 1 conductor rail renewals and insulator pot replacement. Conductor rail renewals were undertaken in the Bexhill, Cooden Beach and West Marina areas. The Insulator pot replacement projects were undertaken in busy terminus Station areas such as Cannon Street and Charing Cross. All skilled staff and plant were provided by Pod-Trak Ltd to enable installation of the conductor rail renewals and the Pot replacement scheme. Working from AFC design our ETE teams delivered numerous conductor rail renewals to time, budget and specification. The team work hard with the local NWR Maintenance ensuring all requirements were met. The Cooden Beach conductor rail renewal was a large project undertaken within 1 No weekend possession. 2Km of new 150lb / 74Kg conductor rail was installed including TP Hut connections and all new associated DC Cabling. All scrap was cleared leaving a clean, safe and snag free site. Cooden beach was also delivered solely using Pod-Trak Ltd On-Track-Plant.

  • Project Duration : November 2015 to Present
  • Categories : ETE/ETM
  • Client : McNicholas