DLR Booted Sleeper Renewals


Expertise: Permanent Way
Value: £1.6m

Pod-Trak were contracted by DLR to carry out the replacement of 800 number life-expired booted sleepers on the BEC Link viaduct between Poplar and Westferry. This is a design and build contract in which Pod-Trak were also nominated as Principal Contractor. The works also included the replacement of a new CV40 crossover and replacement of 6no Expansion Switches. The works were carried out over three 52hr possessions and engineering hours (max 2.5hr working time) where up to 12 number sleepers were changed out per shift by two gangs of multi-skilled operatives. All works to date have been completed without lost time incidents/accidents.

  • Project Duration : June 2015 - Present
  • Categories : PWay
  • Client : Docklands Light Rail