CP5 Plain Line Renewal ETE Support


Expertise: ETE/ETM
Value: £1m+ to date

The scope is to undertake all ETE works associated with the CP5 Wessex Plain line renewals programme. The renewals are undertaken throughout Wessex stretching from Dorset to London at various locations. The sites are week by week Involving Preparation, Core works and Follow up works. The prep and follow up works are undertaken mid-week and the core works are undertaken at weekends with 28hr / 52hr possessions.

All materials and plant are provided by Pod-Trak Ltd. The works include the removal of the conductor rail and associated ETE. Following the track renewals the conductor rails are re-instated on new support insulators and fixings. These sites often run through complicated areas IE: Sub-Stations and TP Huts involving DC Positive (Hook Switches) and Negative (BusBar) cabling. At pre-site surveys sub-standard installations and equipment are flagged up to the client and brought to standard during the installations. PTL supply all ETE handback information ready for TOC.

  • Project Duration : September 2014 to Present
  • Categories : ETE/ETM
  • Client : Babcock International Group