PodTalk Newsletter – Issue 9 Winter 2018

PodTalk Newsletter – Issue 9 Winter 2018

4 March 2019 Posted by Mary Griffin News

Welcome to the Christmas edition of the Newsletter.

December is a good time to reflect on the year gone by and also, prepare ourselves for the delivery of a large programme of work throughout Christmas and the New Year. These works will be undertaken by a number of Pod-Trak staff who are committed to giving up time with their families, and for this I am extremely grateful.

We have had a very successful few months with our wellbeing and behavioural safety programmes and I am proud to see the impact they have been having in our attitudes on site and throughout the business as a whole. This will make us a stronger, more sustainable business moving forward and it means that we will be viewed as the more favourable supplier of choice to our clients, where we share their ambition and drive to make all projects safer for all of us. For this I would like to commend and thank all of our staff and suppliers as you are the people who can and are making a positive change within the business….Read the full newsletter