PodTalk Newsletter – Autumn 2017

PodTalk Newsletter – Autumn 2017

9 October 2017 Posted by Pod-Trak Ltd News

Welcome to the fouth edition of our quarterly newsletter.

August 7th 2017 was an important milestone for us reaching a decade of successive growth and expansion. This has led to Pod-Trak’s position as one of the country’s leading infrastructure supply chain partners, employing and contracting more than 300 people and operating from three strategically positioned office/depot locations across the U.K. We are now recognised as a business that has the resources to drive solutions and solve tough problems. This is because we are engaged and well embedded through strong performancedelivery and we have the deepest commitment to delivering a great service – First time every time. There is no doubt in my mind that the broad range of services we deliver has become our unique selling point.

With our ability to offer bundles services, helping to streamline the provision of specialist works and giving customer cost-effective solutions that maintain an outstanding level of quality, by utilising Pod-Trak as a single source/dedicated partner. I strongly believe that our approach to providing the best possible customer service is the number one factor in Pod-Trak’s ongoing success. Customer Service has been our main priority since we started out. We exist to serve our customer by delivering consistently excellent services and we must always look to measure our success through our customer’s perspective rather than our own. Our strong market position can also be tracked back to the sustainability of the company’s financial strength.

This is a consequence of our growing reputation for being able to deliver a vast range of specialist services. We currently carry out work for a diverse range of companies and organisations, which includie TFL, Network Rail, Heathrow Airport and a large number of principal contractors and our leading businesses. We created Pod-Trak to fill a gap in the market for demand for a specialist business offering highly professional and quality services.Today we are regarded as the UK’s foremost provider of these specialist services.To finish our success from above, I would like to thank all our staff,sub-contractors and partners for always ensuring we do everything we can to deliver a second to none service. It is also crucial that weembrace the safety culture which we have adopted and look outfor our colleagues and everyone around us. Delivery in a safemanner is key to achieving this and we always want to make sure all our people go home safe every day…Read the full newsletter